Who is the FARMA 1000

Farma 1000 – Pharmaceuticals, Lda. is a portuguese company, who sells pharmaceuticals products and nutraceutical products, manufactured in Portugal, in accordance with the European requirements of good manufacturing practice (GMP).


TECNILOR ® is the brand that, in Portugal, is a reference of quality and confidence in the market of nutraceutical products, result of total commitment we made with the highest quality standards and requirement, both of our products as the proximity support we provide to the consumers.

The TECNILOR ® nutraceutical products are produced in national pharmaceutical laboratories, registered and certified by INFARMED, National Authority of Medicines and Health Products (IP) according to GMP (good manufacturing practice) and using the most advanced technology.

The TECNILOR ® nutraceutical products are not “ medicine products “, but their preparation follows, across and without exception, the same standards and procedures, since the quality and purity of the raw materials, the certification of finished products fully comply with the corresponding credits.

We are using only registered and authorized ingredients, approved by European Community Policies, respecting always the dosages of safety, consumer information and other charges provided for by these policies as well as by Portuguese law.

In addition to the proven safety of ingredients, the TECNILOR ® nutraceutical products, include only those whose benefit has been shown in studies credible and recognized by the scientific community, or whose benefit is arguably demonstrated by your continuous use over generations for this same purpose.

It is our mission to produce and market products that guarantee a better quality of life.

Our products are especially developed to be used by health professionals, including doctors, pharmacists and nutritionists.

We are looking for a healthier life, with more energy and power, to prevent some diseases, especially the related and resulting from the age, but also relate with the busy life and sometimes unbalanced, that we have in daily life.